What is the process of getting garments printed?

We can give you a quote (in person, email, or phone) we base it on the quantity, type of garment, how many colors, and location (front, back, sleeve, etc.). Art work examples of what you would like help a lot. After the quote if you would like to go with us we can set a print date. We will then get busy designing your custom art work. We send it to you by email. When its approved we order the garments and have it ready for you to pick up on the date specified.



Can I supply my own garments?

Yes, that would be priced as print only.

Can you print on anything?

We can print on most textiles as long as it will stick to the platen (press pallet). With the exception of nylon. Double line will not work because it will move when printed.

Is there a minimum order size?

There is no minimum order for tees or other garments, but you will see lower per-unit costs by ordering in larger batches that hit certain thresholds.

Can I order different ink colors within the same order?

Yes, though every additional color will result in an added color-change fee.

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